What Kind Of Converter Is On My Car?

Determining the type of a converter without looking at it is somewhat difficult. It could be a number of different things, best bet is to text a picture to (518)-331-4609 for an immediate quote.

How Much Are Catalytic Converters Worth?

It all depends on what type of converters they are. Some converters can be worth as much as $300 and others as low as $5. Check out our gallery and price sheets to determine the type of converters you might have and how much they’re worth.

Why Are Some Converters Worth More Than Others?

Most converters have precious metals inside the ceramic, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium. Some converters will have higher concentrations of these metals making them more valuable than others. Bigger converters don’t necessarily mean theres more precious metals inside, there could be more ceramic material but less precious metals.

How Do You Determine The Value Of A Converter?

We sample each converter that we purchase with an Analyzer. This machine allows us to determine how much precious metals are inside each converter. With this we determine how much the converter will be worth.

catalytic converters

We Pay Up For Converters

We Purchase catalytic converters for the extraction of precious metals that are located inside the ceramic material.

Processing Converters

The machine used to process converters has an advanced vacuum system that sucks converter dust particles from the air and back into the bag.

Extracting Precious Metals

Rhodium, palladium, and platinum are extracted from converter ceramic to be used in other industries. The market value of converters are determined by these metals.

We Buy Scrap and Automotive Cores

We at YS understand that people who have converters to sell, also may have other various cores and scrap. We make it convenient by buying all of it, we take care of everything when you arrive at one of our two facilities. We provide a great service that other scrap yards don’t, we help unload your materials. We pay cash for your converters and other items, no checks, but cash! All you need to bring is a valid state ID.

When scraping a vehicle it is beneficial to remove the battery, converters, and aluminum wheels. All these parts can put a few extra dollars into your pocket. Most of the material we buy can be bought by weight or by piece, for example, when buying your aluminum rims some may be larger than others making it more lucrative to put everything on the scale. Our industrial sized scale makes it easy and convenient to weigh different materials all at once.

Selling Your Aluminum Wheels

  • When selling your aluminum wheels it’s okay for the wheel weights and stems to still be attached. As long as the wheel is aluminum and not steel we will purchase it. We also buy steel wheels but at steel price.

Selling Your Aluminum Wheels With Tires

Aluminum wheels with tires can be bought two ways, we determine what we will pay by the condition of the tire. If the tire is in good condition we will pay a little less than what we would for a clean wheel. For the bad tires we will pay less due to the cost of removal.