Prices Updated As Of 5/20/19


We Pay Up For Converters

We pay top dollar for catalytic converters in upstate New York and surrounding areas. Get the most from your converters at YS.

Variety Of Services

YS provides a few different services such as buying, processing, and toll refining. Have quantity but no means of getting to our location? We can pick up!

Offering Up To Date Prices

Rhodium, palladium, and platinum are extracted from converter ceramic to be used in other industries. Market values are set by these metals.

We Buy Scrap and Automotive Cores

We at YS understand that people who have converters, also have other various cores and scrap to sell. We make it convenient by buying all of it. We take care of everything when you arrive, we help you unload and get you paid in the fastest way possible. We pay cash for your converters and other items, no checks, but cash! All you need to bring is a valid state ID. No appointments needed, first come first serve.